Our Services

Here at Metronome we offer professional recording, mixing/mastering, producing and engineering services as well as dry hire for our studio space.

We use professional industry standard equipment including the Adam Audio A7 studio monitors, UAD Twin Duo MKII Audio Interface, Rode K2 Condenser Valve Microphone as well as an acoustically treated room and vocal booth to create the best possible sound experience 

We also have an IMAC available for personal use to record vocals, and to mix and master your tracks and includes the DAWs;  Logic Pro X, Abelton Live, Fl Studio and Pro tools with various audio plugins from Waves and FabFilter included to enhance your tracks


We offer professional recording/ engineering sessions for $40 per hour in our professional studio



We offer professional mixing and mastering with up to 3 revisions before the final mix-down for $150 per track

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Dry Hire

We offer dry hire sessions with full access to studio equipment and vocal booth for $120 per 8hr session

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Online Bookings

Metronome is now finally making online bookings! Make a booking with us now and see what slots are available!

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We are currently offering online mix and mastering with some of our top mix and mastering engineers

Online Mixing and Mastering

Book an Engineer

New to the recording process? Book a session with one of our top engineers to track your vocals and get the most out of your tracks